wRiteBlocks© uses a specially designed handwriting paper and a multi-level Cognitive-Language Teaching System to help you teach your student to learn and develop good handwriting skills, learn to correct dyslexia handwriting by themselves, learn more word-associations (labeling) faster and easier, learn to correct sentence structures and avoid run-on handwriting and crowded words, and learn to improve spelling skills and reading comprehension for better cognitive understanding of the information that the schools teach.
I have over 20 years of raising and teaching children who are labeled as learning disabled, hyperactive, ADD/ ADHD, developmentally delayed, ODD  (Oppositional Defiant Disorder), or have a mild-moderate level of aspergers/ autism  or other types of cognitive learning dysfunction.
wRiteBlocks© is a complete Cognitive-Language Teaching System which includes 10 levels of Specialized Paper for Handwriting Worksheets, 10 levels of Specially structured 3-way Multi-function Flashcards, a Multi-function Gameboard for use with any of  the Flashcard sets, Sight-word Bingo Cards for each teaching level that you can use with the Flashcards sets, Level Readers that review only the words that you teach for each level/previous levels, Fun Stories, and Other Games that Teachers can use for quizzes and reviews, and a step-by-step Teaching Guide that gives you special teaching methods, tricks and techniques to help increase and improve your student's learning methods and generate self-initiated Cognitive Thinking Skills.
The printable/ copyable handwriting paper and worksheets, flash cards, and games are great teaching aids for all kinds of Educators:
Headstart Teachers
Daycare Teachers
Preschool Teachers
First Grade Teachers
ESL Teachers
Remedial Teachers
Anyone who works with or cares for a student who has trouble "catching on" to the traditional teaching methods
My Cognitive-Language Teaching System combines easy-to-understand teaching methods for good handwriting skills, phonics and language skills, effective word-association memorization techniques, and cognitive-thinking skills that work with any student who has trouble "catching-on" with the regular teaching methods used by schools today.
Kindergarten Teachers
Home School Teachers
Special Education Teachers
Learning Disabled Teachers
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