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Section: People and Networking

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Get the booklet "The County Sheriff: America's Last Hope"
on the website www.sheriffmack.com

Get a box of them and pass them on to the Sheriff's in your area.
* Project Avalon ( Forum / Ground Crews )
* Project Camelot ( Find out what is really going on! )
* The People's United Community
* TED: Ideas worth spreading
* BBC5.tv
* The Orion Project
The Agriculture Defense Coalition Partners are  working with us in bringing critical information to public attention.- (Geoengineering, Weather Modification, Smart Meters, Toxic toys, Honey Bees, SSA/ Medicare, Fluoroquineolone drug usage, Lightbulb hazard, Radiation and Nuclear issues, Carbon Tax scheme, Water polutions, GMO / pesticide and seed crop issues, Vitamin D vs. Sunshine health impacts, Wildlife and fires, Warfare and Military issues, Wall Street and World Banks financial issues, Volcano and Tsunami problems, Fracking exploitations, Ocean and marine life experimentation impacts, Constitution and Patent issues, how Barium in our skies is killing the trees)
The Nantucket Project is one of the world’s great gatherings, each year hosting preeminent thinkers, leaders and innovators in a wide range of fields.
MayDay.US - Government has failed us. More than 90% of Americans link that failure to the influence of money in politics. These funders hold our democracy hostage. We want to pay the ransom, and get it back. We're going to kickstart a SuperPAC big enough to make it possible to win a Congress committed to fundamental reform by 2016.
The Harbers Family Foundation brings human and environmental issues into focus through the power of visual media. Non-profit organizations are notoriously good at doing good, and notoriously bad at talking about it... So we tell their stories for them.
Non GMO Project - Working together to ensure the sustained availability of non-GMO foods and products.
Self Sufficiency Magazine - Tin Can WiFi Antenna