Cognitive Language Development
for Students with Learning Disabilities
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wRiteBlocks© is a complete Cognitive-Language Teaching System which includes:

*) 10 levels of Specialized Handwriting Worksheets,
*) 10 levels of Specially structured 3-way Multi-function Flashcards,
*) a Multi-function Gameboard for use with any of the Flashcard sets,
*) Sight-word Bingo Cards for each teaching level that you can use with the Flashcards sets,
*) 5 Fun Stories *Level Readers that review only the words that you teach for each level/previous levels (levels 1-5 only; by that time the student should be able to adapt to other books),
*) Other Games that Teachers can use for quizzes and reviews,
*) AND a step-by-step Teaching Guide that gives you special teaching methods, tricks and techniques to help increase and improve your student's learning methods and generate self-initiated Cognitive Thinking Skills.
*) down-loadable and printable PDF(s)
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