What does "Live-Ability" mean to you?
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Independent Living Skills education for disabled persons
Self and Caregiver advocacy
Home and Environment assessment
DIY Ideas for Live-Ability adjustments
Alternative Energy sources
What does "Self-Sufficiency" mean to you?
DIY ideas and "How-To's"
Wilderness and Survival information
Farmsteading and Urban Homesteading
Emergency Resources and Preparation
Pre-planning and Safety information
Community Awareness and activities
Emergency First Aid
Disaster  Survival plans
Ideas and Resources for : Recycle... ReUse... RePurpose... and Up-Cycle
Eco-Friendly efforts
Non-Toxic Product alternatives
Ways to reduce Toxicity
Entrepreneur Projects for generating an Sideline Income
Alternative Money systems
Fundraising ideas and products
Trade Economy systems
Tell Your Story
Ask Questions
Share Your Solutions
Create Your People Network
Spread The Word...

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