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Fact or Fiction?
Solutions to the Puzzle
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My QUEST for "the truth" began many years ago when I started to explore how I could make a better life for myself and my kids...
I am a single mom with 3 disabled children (and an ex-husband who was hell-bent on getting revenge).

So I asked the Government for help (for 25+ years)... and My journey led me through a maze of several Government Systems - (Child Protective Services, The Courts, Public Schools, Medical and Mental Health Therapy, the Private Business sector, and the Welfare and Foster Care systems). And after I had jumped through ALL of their hoops... -

Well... I will spare you the details of my Sob-Story, ... But I thought it was very important to let you know what truths I had discovered along the way...

I finally figured out that they were ALL set up to have "dead ends" on purpose.
The Government CAN'T help you.  It was hi-jacked by a "Gentlemens' Agreement" in 1944. So now we have a "Corporate-Government"  instead of a "People's Government" !
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*(I want you to know that there is hope. There are many people "waking up" now and taking steps to "right the wrongs" that we have not even been aware of.

Please join us in our efforts. You CAN make a difference!)
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Watch this and find out what is really going on in the world.
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The Missing Pieces
There are many videos that explain what is really going on the world, and why "the little guy" can't get ahead (and stay honest) - but my favorite one is Kymatica. It doesn't rely on fear-mongering or shock value, but it does let you see the "Big Picture" and how we can change the direction we are heading in.

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