There are already websites, cyber-communities, neighbor and like-minded groups - in place and going strong - starting real-world 100th Monkey Groups...

Anything and everything is being explored as an alternative to the current issues of a dwindling economic stability and an encroaching governmental supremacy .....

+  alternative community currency
+  urban farmsteading and farmers markets
+  emergency preparedness and training
+  efforts to conscript better legal and justice services
+  brainstorming sessions for alternative energy & planetwide ecology repairs
+  efforts for developing governmental transparency and accountability
+  and more...

Please Join me, and the many others around the world, in our efforts to share our ideas and information and 'hands-on' projects with everyone - everywhere:


Gain FULL Knowledge.

    ... expand your understanding of the bigger picture and look at all the evidence calmly and logically.


Discern the information. Avoid assigning "labels" to any situation or thing, don't make rash judgements...

   Learn to listen to and trust your intuition (gut-feelings, higher self, guardian angel, etc.)


Analyze ALL the option of your personal situation. Then MAKE a DECISION (a choice) that RINGS TRUE (with your Higher Self Intuition - NOT your Emotional Desire) for what you are supposed to do ... that will be the right action for you to take.

   ... don't ask anyone else to tell you what to do - only YOU know what the best thing is for you to do , think, act, etc.


Refuse to stay in FEAR mode. Expect 'the best' but Be prepared for 'the worst' as you deal with your "Growth-Karma".

   Move through the ANGER mode quickly.  Manage and channel your anger into constructive decisions and actions - stay positive and imagine and INTEND the best for everyone - as you work on improving your SELF-realization and utilizing your own thought-power within the One-Life-Source Consciousness connection.


Start NOW to BE the change you want to see in the world... you CAN make an impact (yes, even from your corner of the world) on the direction of mankind's future.

Join others in their ideas and efforts to create change for a Better World. Have you heard the story of the 100th Monkey ...?

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